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Invest in Art 2015-2016

The international contemporary artists with a higher expectation of being a profitable inversion during 2015-2016

Art selection by Manuel Sanmartín, CEO & founder of “Mas Civiles”, who has directed exhibitions in London and has led different projects in Brazil, France, the United States, Spain and Venezuela. Sanmartín belongs to renowned groups in artistic production in London and helps to promote the artistic career and work by more than 200 artists.

Antonio Perez Bornot

Antonio Perez Bornot was born in Santiago de Cuba and lives in La Habana. He began his adventure in the world of art as an amateur more than 20 years ago, with initial training basically self-taught, he later studied painting. Bornot has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions and his works are in private collections in different countries. Lately, he has been working on his art full-time so he hasn’t participated in any exhibition.

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Erika Seguín Colás

Erika Seguin Colas develops an extremely expressive pictorial proposal, based on a subjective interpretation of reality. She has participated in several exhibitions in Spain and has received numerous awards that guarantee the quality of her work. " Although her work is figurative and focuses especially on the human body, her strokes tend to be abstracted, further enhancing the impetuous spirit that inspires in those who contemplate her paintings. To do this, Erika Seguin Colas employs hasty movements that simplify silhouettes.

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Felipe San Pedro

Felipe San Pedro was trained in the school of the painter Jose Luis de Antonio, and was the winner of the VI Oil Competition organized by the Catalan Dalí Circle. Recently, he has exhibited his works in La Casa del Reloj del Matadero and in La Fundación Progreso y Cultura. The bright and colorful painting of Felipe San Pedro reproduces the forms of those everyday moments that usually go unnoticed, extolling the beauty and mystery in its essence and tempting the viewer to capture those secrets that may remain hidden in their strokes.

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Gisela Gaffoglio

Gisela Gaffoglio was born in Buenos Aires (Argentina) in 1966 and her artistic training started with the lead of Marcos Aquistapace and continued with her collaboration with Duilio Pierri, Maggie de Koenisberg and Ariel Mlynarzewicz. Her prolific work has an original style with special focus into expression, movement and color. She has fulfilled lots of exhibitions in galleries and cultural centers of Argentina and New York. On 2013 she received a painting recognition in the Salon M. Algieri, organized by the municipality of San Isidro and APSI.

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Born in Moreda de Aller (Asturias) in 1946, Guillermo Carbajo lives in Gijon since he was ten years old. He is a self-taught painter, who works mostly with watercolor, since 1976 when he started studying with Ramón Cuevas. His watercolors portrait the Asturian landscape. He has participated in many solo and group exhibitions.


Jose Higuera

Jose Higuera reached professional maturity after 30 years of artistic creation. He devoted his life to the study of light and color. His compositions are vivid and bright, showing “reality” with an original and personal view. He has exhibited his work in galleries from Los Angeles, Miami, New York and Taipei. He was awarded with the “Medalla Foro Europa 2001” in 2015.

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Olga Armand Ugon

Born in Montevideo (Uruguay), Olga Armand Ugon started painting at the age of 17 and was trained by great artists such as Clever Lara, Guillermo Fernandez and Gerardo Acuña. She studied fashion design but after a while she quit and decided to dedicate full-time to painting. Since 2005, she has had exhibitions in Uruguay, Buenos Aires and New York, winning numerous prizes that recognize the greatness of her work.

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Ricardo Cruz Fuentes

Ricardo Cruz Fuentes is a mexican self-taught emergening artist who has sold his paintings to mexican, spanish, colombian and north-american collectors. Nowadays he’s being represented by Art Fusion Galleries in Miami (USA). He has received some artistic recognition such as the 3rd place in the national graffiti awards “Violencia en las relaciones de noviazgo” and the 1st place on the painting contest “Juan Soriano” on 2013. His sarcastic sense of humour is the basis of his paintings and tries to involve the observer into quotidian and funny moments that remind how ridiculous can human nature be.

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