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Cookies policy

Cookies definition and function

What is a cookie? A cookie is a file that is stored in your computer when visiting particular websites. Cookies allow this website, among many other things, to store and retrieve data about the navigation habits and preferences of a user or of the computer and, according to this information, provide the user with a safest and improved experience.

What cookies are in use in this website?

  • Third party cookies: Third party cookies are set by a different organization to the owner of the website you are visiting in order to process the data obtained through the cookies.
  • Session cookies: : Session cookies are designed to store user data temporarily only during the access to a website.
  • Persistent cookies: Persistent cookies are saved on the computer for a period defined by the cookie owner and they can be saved for some minutes as well as for several years.
  • Analysis cookies: Analysis cookies can be set by the website or third party organizations, and they allow us to quantify the number of visits and measure and analyse statistically the use of the services we offer. The user navigation is analysed in order to improve the products and services at the user disposal in the website.
  • Advertising cookies: Advertising cookies allow the management in a most efficient way of the ad spaces created by the owner of the website, app or platform in which the service is offered, around the edited content or the frequency with which the ads are shown.
  • Online behavioural advertising cookies: Online behavioural advertising cookies allow the management in a most efficient way of the ad spaces created by the owner of the website, application or platform in which the service is offered. These cookies store user behaviour information collected through the continuous observation of the user navigation habits, which helps to identify a profile and show ads based on that profile. Likewise, it is possible that a cookie is stored in your browser when accessing a website or an email where one of our ads or promotions of our products or services is published, that will be used afterwards to show you ads related to the search you did, and monitor our ads in relation to the times they have been seen, where they are shown, the time they are seen, etc.

How to block and delete cookies

You can allow, block and delete cookies already set in your computer by accessing the browser configuration tab. In case you do not allow the storage of cookies in your computer, it is possible you cannot access some sections of our website.

For more information on how to block the use of cookies, you can visit the help section of the following browsers:

Third party cookies servers

The third party cookies servers with whom we have contracted any service for what is necessary the use of cookies are:

Cookie server Category of use Description of the use of the cookie More information on the use of this third party cookie
Google Analytics Analysis cookies Analysis of website use to collect information anonymously for statistical purposes
DoubleClick Advertising cookies Efficient management of the ad spaces included in the site
Google Adsense Advertising cookies Mostrar anuncios relacionados a la navegación del usuario
Google remarketing Advertising cookies Showing ads from other sites previously visited by the user
Google Adwords Advertising cookies Analysis of the visits coming from Artelista ads in other sites
Facebook Connect Session cookies Provide Facebook users with an easy connection between Facebook and Artelista if they choose this option

Should you need further information, do not hesitate to contact us

This website uses first party cookies to provide you with a good user experience and third party cookies to show you advertising messages related to your preferences. We also use cookies to analyse the use of the website so that we can improve our services. If you continue visiting the site, we’ll assume you accept the use of cookies More information >

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